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Truck cartel – Price agreements between manufacturers
Claim back your overcharge with claim partner

Truck cartel leads to significantly higher prices for every purchaser

For years companies and customers have been overcharged for their purchase, lease or long-term rent of trucks because of price agreements between truck manufacturers. 2011 MAN informed the European Commission as a crown witness, thus exposing one of the largest cartels in the European Union.

Due to their manipulation of prices from 1997 to 2011, the manufacturers Daimler, Volvo/Renault, Iveco and DAF have already been fined with penalties up to billions. MAN avoided a fine due to the leniency notice. The manufacturer Scania remains under investigation.

Claim back your overcharge

If you purchased, leased or rented a truck cab for a long-term period between 1997 and 2011, you are entitled to a compensation of the purchase price. Claim partner can show you how: First we will determine your potential claims with you by examining all relevant purchases/leasing cases and by preparing a competition economic expert report for each truck.
In a next step we will - first out-of-court - claim partial reimbursement of the purchase price depending on the outcome of the expert report. If the other party will not accept any extrajudicial compromise we will continue to assert your claim in court – including all costs.Claim partner works exclusively on a commission basis, which means that there will be no cost risk for you.

The Management Team


Peter Finke

Executive Director

Peter Finke is a successful entrepreneur. For more than 30 years he has gathered experience in building businesses and developing services. In recent years he and his team have shown great success within the Legal Tech market. Claim partner’s service is the logical next step of his objective to simplify and automatize complex legal processes. He insists on providing fair and innovative services useful to all clients. He is looking forward to working with you.


Dr. Rainer Gith


Lawyer Dr. Rainer Gith is in charge of the examination, coordination and assertion of the claims. Dr. Gith obtained his doctorate in European antitrust law. As a founding partner of the corporate law firm CLP Gith, Weßling and Partner mbB in Düsseldorf he represents medium-sized companies during the assertion of complex legal claims and has been doing so for 17 years. Under the management of Dr. Gith the law firm has created a team of currently six experienced corporate lawyers dealing with the examination, bundling and assertion of claims. If required, the team can be extended at any time. In addition to that, we will consult with other experienced national and international corporate lawyers, if necessary.


Professor Dr. Ralf Beck

Expert Assessor

Professor Dr. Ralf Beck is responsible for the coordination of all the tasks involving expert evaluations. Not only does he work as a professor with focus on accounting/controlling, but he is also known as a renowned expert in assessment issues with long-term experience in this area as an expert assessor in court proceedings. If required, we will additionally consult with other expert assessors.

Advantages claim partner

No Cost Risk

  • With claim partner you won’t have to pay for the competition economic expert report. Neither will you have to pre-finance any legal fees nor, if required, any expert costs during legal proceedings. Even if we lose the case, there will be no costs for you. Claim partner assumes full cost risk.

No Loss of Time

  • The assertion of a claim is a tedious and time-consuming process. We will take over this work from you so you can continue to focus on your core business. You provide us with the required documents and we will take over.

Bundling the Claims

  • We will bundle the claims and appoint experienced top lawyers/economists to assert the claims.


Did you purchase a truck between 1997 and 2011?
We will examine your documents concerning potential claims for damages free of charge.
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   Why claim partner?

The assertion of antitrust claims for damages is very complex and will affect you in your daily business. The opposing party consists of globally acting corporations with a great number of specialists to defend justified claims. Every individual claimant faces an unequal battle against the cartel member. Legal proceedings will be tedious and time-consuming. In general, competition economic expert reports are required to specify the damage in order to hold up in court, which can be time-consuming and very expensive. Legal fees have to be financed in advance as well as costs for competition economists and – if required – expert assessors commissioned by the court. If as an individual claimant you lose the law suit, you will have to bear all the costs, including the legal fees of the cartel member. Claim partner assumes the entire risk for you. The bundling of a great number of claims allows us to appoint experienced lawyers and competition economists to assert your claims. Together we will be in a strong position to face the cartel members on an equal footing and to assert your justified claims. Lean back and let our experts assert your claims. In doing so, you will save time and effort while not carrying any cost risk.

   When am I entitled to a claim?

You might be entitled to a claim if you have purchased, leased or rented a truck weighing 6 tonnes or more for a long-term period from a cartel member between 1997 and 2011. In addition to that, our appointed lawyers are currently checking whether customers might also be entitled to a claim against non-cartel members who have possibly overcharged their customers. Furthermore, the assertion of claims for overcharged vehicles that have been purchased, leased of rented for a long-term period after 2011 might also be possible.

    How much can I claim?

Only after an examination and assessment of your case by an experienced competition economist will we be able to safely determine whether and how much damage has been incurred. According to first estimates, the overcharge caused by the cartel amounts to 10 to 20% of the actual purchase price. These figures are consistent with experiences from other cartels.

   How does claim partner proceed?

First, we will thoroughly examine your claims and bundle them with comparable claims. In a next step we will assert those claims against the cartel member by following the strategic advice from our appointed lawyers and economists. We are all in the same boat, since we all participate in the profits from the legal proceedings or comparisons. It is our common goal to achieve the highest possible amount or the best possible conditions. We therefore put all our effort into our work.

   Can my claim expire?

Yes, there is a statute of limitation which can cause your claims to expire. There is currently a statute of limitation of three years, meaning that the claims of damages expire Dec 31 2019 under the German law. However, there is a risk of certain claims for damages from the period of time preceeding Jan 01 2002 expiring by the end of this year, Dec 31 2017. Thus there is special urgency so as not to lose any claims.

   I have leased/rented the truck for a long-term period – Am I still entitled to a claim?

Yes. Generally, not only purchasers of heavy- and medium-duty trucks but also customers with leased or long-term rented vehicles are entitled to a claim. In such a case, the amount of the potential damage of the individual case will be determined by a competition economic expert report, depending on the amount of paid lease payments.

   There really won’t be any costs for me?

The assignment, examination and assertion will take place without any costs from your side. Only if successful, will we deduct our percentage from your compensation payment.

   What are the next steps if I decide to participate?

As promised our service means minimal effort for you: fill in the form, attach your documents, done. You will be informed about every step and always be up to date with the process of the assertion of your claims.